Is China and Russia about to attack?

Could it be that the flooding of the Mississippi river is actually a military effort to create a natural barrier to slow down an advancing Chinese invasion. Kind of like how a castle is set up with barriers to slow the advancing hordes of attackers. They won’t use nukes because they intend on making use of the land as a means to settle the debt. There are reports of a massive Chinese fleet sailing past Japan June 23rd (Chinese Warships pass Japan) . The report claims that the fleet is sailing towards China, but knowing our media only half of this story is true and it would make more sense that they are sailing towards America. It would make sense that a Chinese fleet would pass up Hawaii entirely to prevent widespread acknowledgement of their presence. The mainstream media has been reporting cyber attacks from China, I believe as a means to alert the people that need to know and not alarm the general public. This is a bold theory and an even bolder move by the Chinese, but it seems to hold water when you look at current events.

It may be that Russia is also in on it as other reports about asteroid Apophis come in. Remember my theory about Elenin being code for a Soviet effort to direct asteroids towards the United States? Could Elenin be a Soviet effort to avoid a MAD scenario and win? Now stories are being reported of Russia arguing with NASA about asteroids striking earth or not. Russia claiming Apophis might impact earth in 20 years and NASA saying “no it won’t” Read the stories and keep in mind that they are only telling part of the truth, obviously in an effort to prevent any widespread chaos in the streets. It is very likely that we are already in a state of war and as usual the public is the last to know about it. Keep your eyes and ears open and be ready for anything.
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