Not the end of our world, but the end of theirs

There is so much doom and gloom presented by so much media and doomsday sites. The Mayan 2012 doomsday scenario is being pushed in a myriad of ways that are contrary to a less advertised idea that a golden age of man is coming. Information channels like the Bible and several cable TV channels warn us of an impending doom that is going to wipe humanity out with no chance of survival. We are seeing amazing catastrophes around the world and they appear to be happening in greater frequency, leading all to believe that these claims are valid. It has been a long held belief of mine that the powers that be have benefited from the general populace believing in their dogmatic interpretations of the Bible. Obviously our world is dominated by a power class that treat us as farm animals and steering our beliefs has to be a key tool to keep the power imbalanced in their favor. If all of this is true then any form of empowered human existence becomes an obvious obstacle to their goals to keep and hold on to power. If humanity can overcome the many shackles of the human condition then the power elite lose their empowered stance over humanity.

The power elite will lose power unless they can get us to reject new forms of existence, especially if our new reality will be self generated. If we attain the ability to instantly manifest and create imagined realities then the logical way to destroy that is to sabotage the way we think and what we believe. Regardless of what you believe it is true to you no matter what anybody else says, thinks or believes. Our individual reality comes from within without any respect to logic or imposed beliefs. Making us believe that anything out of what we currently live and know now is the only way for the power elite to overcome such ability. Think of how a religion will suppress any other form of spirituality or concepts of magic by calling them works of the Devil and labeling similar practices as evil. I find it ironic that many church activities mirror cult practices in a multitude of ways, but go completely unnoticed mainly out of ignorance to other forms of spirituality. I also want the reader to understand that religion is just another word for cult and that is true for all religions. If someone has abilities to manifest or bring beneficial changes about with minimal effort then they would have transcended the human condition to some degree. This type of transcendence limits the power elite’s ability to subjugate an individual. I am suggesting that the purpose of doomsday prophecies and dogmatic religious beliefs is to do just that; subjugate us and keep us from escaping the prison they have made for our consciousness. Not only are they attempting to keep us trapped in their matrix, but also get us to manifest catastrophes and the annihilation of our world with our minds.

You may wonder why all of the crazy disasters around the world are taking place. I personally believe that some are natural phenomenon and part of what needs to take place as the massive forces of our planet balance. I also strongly believe that the power elite are causing many of the disasters in an effort to keep the rhythm of the pending doom they have propagated through the various media channels. Maybe it’s HAARP, Chem trails, atmospheric seeding, electrical fields to kill fish and birds or even a bunch of TNT stuffed down a drilled hole to target fault zones. By doing that they can count on us to take over and continue in that train of thought when our increased reality creative abilities reach a critical point. Even hope is under attack because if they can remove our hope we will lose the will to live, love and create. If you follow this idea it becomes clear that the power elite have been preparing for this upcoming event for a very long time. I’m talking thousands of years and not just the last century in an effort to reinforce the current reality that they have manipulated into an undeniable truth by so many. Some may say “But the Mayan calendar predicts it” and to that I say “I don’t believe you can properly interpret Mayan texts or calendars”. Granted there are people that understand a great deal about the Mayans, but we are still far from having the ability to so clearly interpret their texts. Depending on who interprets it, The book of Revelations can be used to convince humanity of a deserved destruction and also a plan for the power elite to follow in this long winded effort to thwart the very purpose of creation. My interpretation is that Revelations is actually about the power elites demise while they plot and move against humanity.
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