The Antichrist or is it Christ himself?

The Antichrist has been in the shadows of Christendom ever since the most powerful have been able to steer it into its present form. I myself was originally raised Catholic and was taught that this man would come to bring the most horrible evils upon earth. While I was a practicing and believing Catholic I often looked out for this character as I was warned to. Fortunately this single powerful character has failed to surface in any literal persona. What I have noticed is that the most powerful men and women of our time that also happen to derive much of their power from believers seem to behave more like an antichrist then followers of Christ’s teachings. Somehow the most devout followers of these political religiously affiliated leaders fail to see any of their wrong doings. If they do acknowledge their wrong doings it is accompanied by some form of trade off for a greater good. I think the sheep have been lead astray from the original intent of the Christian ideals. That may be true unless the Christian teachings were intended to thwart the efforts of the messiah.

Think about it from the power elite’s point of view regarding a messiah. If a man were to come and end wars, heal the sick and end starvation they would have their panties in a knot. The messiah would clearly be the corporate world’s worst nightmare. Imagine someone that spoke about their injustices and took away their tools of oppression and could not be killed. You bet their going to call this individual the antichrist as he would literally destroy the current paradigm in which they function. I find it ironic that the antichrist will perform miracles and do pretty much all of the same things that a messiah is said to be able to do. By that logic what I am trying to convey is that the powers that be will call the real messiah the antichrist. Ask yourself what you would need to see to believe in a messiah. What would it take to get believers or those expecting and non believers to follow such a man? Whatever you think it will take is exactly what they will point at and say; he is the antichrist and a fake so don’t follow him. Instead just take out a high interest loan with our bank or go to war and fight our well fabricated war on terror.

The messiah will not ask for you to take out a loan or go and fight a war, but he will ask you to be the keeper of your brother. Instantly the news media agents of the world will scream out communism or socialism and attack such a dreamy idea. My theory is that the antichrist is an invention of the true antichrist’s and antihuman controllers of the world in an attempt to dissuade humanity from ever accepting such an individual. The idea that the antichrist is the one that has been steering the world is not so original as religious leaders such as Martin Luther, John Calvin, Thomas Cranmer, John Knox, and Cotton Mather have all pointed the papacy out as being antichrists. I am inclined to believe their accusations based on the papacy’s horrible record of human rights violations. The religious zealot cry’s that god’s laws have to be enforced and salvation is worth torture or even a few kids being molested here and there. The people that are willing to side with these horrible crimes against humanity have faith in a powerless and scrupulous lacking god that uses brute force to deliver people. It all sounds extremely ungraceful when compared to the glory that has been attributed to god or Jesus.

They say the antichrist will perform sins and abominations that the world will come to accept and also engage in. Again this all sounds like the pattern of the corrupt acts that corporation’s engage in. It seems that any intention to love each other unconditionally has actually become the evil. Any effort to behave altruistically is what they fear the most and so have called much of it sin or evil. Obviously killing and stealing are wrong but if you want someone to eat a shit sandwich you need to wrap it with good bread. I also find it ironic that someone as smart as say the antichrist is, would be so foolish as to walk the steps of a prescribed prophecy which leads to his doom. It makes more sense to see Revelations as a template or plan for the power elite to thwart any messianic effort to rid the world of them. That would mean that much of the Bibles interpretation has been manipulated to shame us of our natural tendencies and desires. Keep in mind that our modern social programs teach and encourage us to be extremely egoistic and self centered in our pursuit of happiness. The nuclear family is fairly new thing, but has served as a wonderful means for us to disconnect from any familiar or communal relationships that earlier man was able to balance purely as a form of survival. As we become more independent we also become more disconnected and distrusting of each other. The result is what you see when you look out the window. Everybody is well compartmentalized and disassociated from any cohesive group that is unable to avoid a litigious existence.

I say that if a person comes with the ability to cure the sick, feed the poor and raise the dead then give that guy a chance. Chances are he is not the antichrist, but the one that the power elite have feared all along and has come to free us. American values respect a murderer more than a homosexual purely because of the belief that homosexuality is wrong or even worse, evil. Funny how the story of Jesus includes a scenario where the people would rather let a known murderer free and have Jesus crucified. That scenario is not so hard to believe when you look at the current political and religious paradigms that are used to manipulate and control the world today. Keep in mind that the entire biblical story for Jesus is a contorted version of the story of Isus, the last pharaoh that is from what we now call Egypt. It seems that the interpretation of the bible was really a road map for creating the false moral fabrics of many countries of the world. The idea that we have been saved by the assassination of a messiah appears to be more of a way to pacify the world into accepting some virtual sense of glory that is not present anywhere in reality. If you call this saved then I would hate to see what damnation is.

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