Life imitates news media reports from 2012 Hollywood flick

Back in February we all watched Wisconsin become the center of attention as protests regarding teacher rights became the rage. Just recently on May 17th the media reported a massacre in the jungles of Guatemala. Now Schwarzenegger is in the news and if you‘ve seen pics of his mistress then you know he’s trying to downplay a disaster. I find the sequence of events to be ominous to say the least as they seem to mirror the events prior to shit hitting the fan in the 2009 disaster thriller 2012. The theory is that the movie was a model for world elites to watch in order to be discretely informed of the upcoming disaster via real life media reports. This all fits with my theory that these disasters wouldn’t actually take place in 2012, but in 2011. Think about it from the global elite’s point of view. Would you really want to let the whole world know the real date if you expected to escape society undetected? Obviously not and if the global elites had any interest in making sure that as few people survived as possible it would make sense to deceive them into holding off until the end of 2011 to prepare for doom. Another interesting inconsistency about the movie is that the devastation begins in what appears to be spring or summer time as Yellowstone is often covered in snow around winter time.

Ironically around the same time you have this Harold Camping guy blowing mad amounts of cash to warn the world about the May 21 rapture that appears to be wrong. It could be that he wasn’t as good as he thought he was in God’s eyes and has stayed with us to perish. For all we know the rapture could have taken place on May 21 2011, but none of us are fortunate enough to know anybody that was holy enough to be selected. All joking aside; the reality of the situation is that the 2012 doomsday push is a fairly recent surge of apocalyptic prophecies. Back in 1973 Leonard Nimoy hosted a great show called In Search of. In this show they highlighted many mysteries that captivated our minds and in my opinion the show is still better than most modern day attempts to explain the unexplained. There is one episode in particular that touches upon the Mayan end date, but it isn’t 2012 and they are not talking about a catastrophe. The episode I am referring to concludes that stone carvings suggest that a space voyage that began long ago will return to Earth on 12-24-2011. Have a look for yourself.

I have always wondered which of the movies are right about the end of the current version of our world. Would it be alien invasion and possibly even returning human liberation army from space that originated from earth? Would it be a comet strike that annihilates the entire planet? Maybe it will be a solar flare that wipes the earth clean and leaves a new slate for the few survivors to start over. Would some super human resurrect to save the earth and rid it of its oppressive power elite? Looking at it with my evil eye I can see that the power elite would hate to have new technology radically alter our destructive living patterns. Whoever’s in power would have to come up with a way to deceive the world and keep hope at bay. HAARP seems to be able to cause every type of natural disaster according to any and every dooms day site out there, so if that’s true the coming doom must be a sham. Just like fostering a fear of alien invasion is actually an attempt to thwart any alien or returning human liberation attempt. I’m not saying I know what is going to happen, but I am saying that things that have taken place in the movie are now taking place in real media. There is strong likelihood that the news stories aren’t even real happenstance events, but doctored by the elites in a timed and coordinated fashion.

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