Comet Elenin connection to Final Fantasy The Spirits Within

Final Fantasy The Spirits Within shows the viewer a futuristic world destroyed and invaded by the spirits of a dead alien world.  The creatures or spirits that cause all of the destruction are perceived to be an invading alien army.  The metaphysical twist about the alien spirits is that they have a multidimensional nature that allows them to move through or interact with objects of our world both physical and spiritual.  Oh, and if they even just touch you then you die by infection or get the soul ripped out of you.  The entire alien outbreak is caused by a broken piece of the alien home world that strikes the earth.  The interesting part about the plot is that the object that strikes Earth is named Leonid.   The life forms emerge from the crater of that collision.   The official story on Elenin is that a Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin discovered the comet on Dec. 10, 2010, at International Scientific Optical Network’s robotic observatory near Mayhill, New Mexico.  That’s what they say.  I just find it interesting that an Earth bound asteroid in this awesome 2001 sci-fi flick is named the first name of the currently inbound comet that also happens to be named the guy’s last name. Sure in the movie they call it “asteroid Leonid” and we are all hearing about and possibly beginning to see comet Elenin on approach.  I guess the big difference is that an asteroid is more solid rock while a comet is more a mixture of stuff, mainly ice. (Trailer) (Wiki)

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