Wikileaks is a sham

Here’s the thinking behind this logic.  The leaks presented are not ground breaking and appear to only serve as a means to further reinforce current lies and speculations of prescribed world views propagated by mainstream media.  Think of it as a controlled leak that by design is presented as offensive to the power base to look real.  Obviously the news media has been dictated to make a show of the gripes and disapproval from Capitol Hill.  This universal disapproval gives Wikileaks a kind of legitimacy with those that believe in government conspiracies.  However what I’m saying is that news distributers added the government disapproval to establish credibility for the Wikileaks scandal.  Keep in mind that TV will only show you what you’re supposed to see.  It would be an act of sabotage for the government to broadcast harsh disapproval of leaked secrets that they actually feared.    This all begs the question, what is the purpose of Wikileaks?  It seems that this controlled leaks ultimate purpose is to serve as a story that will 1, make headlines 2, make it clear that sensitive information has been leaked (not something published on Wikileaks) and 3, its momentum is unstoppable.  Basically this is a message to the power elite by the power elite giving notice that some real leak has taken place that will expose them all. 

The good and the bad news
If this theory is true then let’s follow its affects.  Does this mean that the power elite are giving up and taking steps to avoid prosecution?  It could be exciting times if that is the case, but global political unrest seems to indicate something much darker looming before they throw in the towel.  It could be that their escape plan includes an elimination of any groups that could actually provide progress to the masses after they fall from power.  It could mean that disasters and wars become a powerful ally in their efforts to escape justice and possibly even earth.   Shortly after the Wikileaks scandal surfaced we began seeing the headlines about the unrest in the Middle East.  So we could be seeing the beginning of a bright new age for mankind, but they seem interested in breaking everything they built before that happens.  If we can’t have you can’t kind of an attitude, so watch out for that. 

Not “A safe place to leak information”
This is a very serious situation because this is actually a trap.  The legitimacy of the site had a purpose after all as it is presented as the legitimate leak site that will take some interest in hiding your identity and user information from the affected parties.  This isn’t just an American issue as the site is global to match their powers reach.  When you look at it as a means of catching leaks and eliminating their sources, it begins to take shape.  I would honestly recommend that honest to goodness leakers avoid Wikileaks as it in all probability serves the exact opposite of what it is being Gorilla marketed as.  The thought is a scary one for anybody looking to free the world from lies and should serve as a wakeup call to all considering becoming a leaker.  Be careful out there.

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